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Lauren Eaton


 Art Director - Prop Master - Food Stylist - Set Designer - Photographer


I have been blessed to have such a diverse career in the photography industry. My work includes projects from catalogs, book publishing, and        e-commerce to food print advertising and tv commercials. Art Direction has come naturally out of working as a stylist for so many years.  I have traveled the country for many assignments and enjoyed every minute!

My home base is Cincinnati, Ohio where I live with my husband, daughter,

two cats and a dog. I enjoy working on any job that is food or home related as those are my passions!

              I would love to work with you on your next project! 

  • Ohio Institute of Photography - 1997-1998  

  • Associates Degree in Commercial Photography

  • Food Styling- San Diego, CA

  • Ball State University- School of Photojournalism 1995-1996

Photography by:

Luna Root Studio

Ventre Photo Illustration

Ron Hamilton Photo

Matt Lause

Mark Corelli

Logan Queen

Emerald Baker

Jason Hatcher

Marci Rhodes

Tony Sylvestro

Stephanie Buchler

Gian Manlangit



phone: 513-659-8243


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Client List:





Grandin Road


Hugo Boss

Cincinnati Bell

Children's Hospital

Sunny D


Proctor & Gamble


Gold Star Chili

Long John Silvers

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